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How to Stop a Dog From Scooting
Take Care of Dog's Anal Area to End Scooting

Nov 19, 2008 Kelli Roche

If your dog is scooting on his bottom like a bicycle "popping wheelies", it may be time to have him checked out for impacted anal glands or other problems.

Although a scooting dog usually has impacted anal glands, it could be due to a variety of other conditions including the dog having fleas, tapeworms, ulcers, a back injury or other issues. It is important to take your dog to the veterinarian for an exam if you notice this behavior for a proper diagnosis. Why Do Dogs Scoot?

Anal Sacs are two glands on both sides of the dog' anus. They contain a foul-smelling oily substance that is supposed to coat feces that is expressed when a dog defecates. This oily substance may play a role in communicating a "scent" from one dog to another. Most dogs go for a lifetime without having any problems. If a dog is unable to express this substance from the anal glands when it defecates, they can become impacted or full. This can be painful for the dog and it will scoot, chase its tail or lick around their anal region to get relief. If left untreated, these glands can abscess and rupture. What Can Be Done To Relieve Impacted Anal Glands

For the dog to get relief from scooting, a veterinarian will need to manually express impacted anal glands. Few pet owners may want to do this at home, but most prefer to schedule an appointment to bring the dog to the veterinary hospital. Once the anal glands are expressed, there is a very bad odor associated with it. Most dogs feel relief from the impacted glands and scooting stops immediately after this procedure. For prevention of this condition in the future, some dogs need an increase in fiber to bulk of stools, exercise or a change in diet. A veterinarian can offer the best advice. Tapeworms: Another Common Cause of Scooting

Tapeworm segments look like small grains of rice. They attach around the anus underneath the tail, so they may go unnoticed. If your dog is licking the anal area and scooting, this could also be a sign the dog has tapeworms. If you do see these segments, try to remove some, place them in a container and take them to the veterinary clinic for proper identification. The dog will be dewormed and the pet will recover within a short time. if you dog has tapeworms, other symptoms may occur. Look for decreased or increased appetite, weight loss, diarrhea and a rough coat.
Check your dog regularly for anal problems to prevent him from scooting. It will keep your dog less frustrated and provide you with nice smelling, clean carpet.

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