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Thursday, 2018-12-13, 9:22 PM
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Simple Rules to Dog Training Basics
You may already be aware that the most effective and simple rule to teaching your pet dog training basics is by using positive reinforcement.

This means you should not hit and yell at your dog when she does not respond in the correct manner. Instead you should only ignore her when she does wrong and praise her when she does right.

She will realize that certain movements give her attention and others do not. She then will cease to doing the things that does not get her attention and continue to do the things that gives her all the attention she desires.

This is one of the main objectives to getting your dog to respond quickly and easily.

Consistency is the other and probably the most important rule. Choose your command words for your puppy to respond to and always utilize those exact words.

For instance, you should use one command word during your teachings and allow her to compute what it is you are saying.

As you know, animals do not speak English, or any other language, however, they do understand the sound that is being said on a consistent basis.

This is why you should never alter the command words.

If "sit” is the command word for your dog to sit, you may cause much confusion if you change that.

For that reason, try not to get angry and yell other terms like "sit down” or something else. Always say "sit” in a cool and calm tone. Then you can give her a reward when she finally sits on her own.


When teaching your dog training basics you must also be consistent with giving her rewards when she responds correctly. Choose a reward that you are sure your dog will respond to and enjoy.

Say "sit” and then wait for her to sit on her own. No matter when she sits on her own, even if it is twenty minutes later, say the word "sit” again and then give her the treat.

Try not to force her butt down to show her sit. Even though this is effective, it somewhat shows control and discipline instead of training.

The way to discipline in dog training basics is when she does not respond correctly, you do not give her a treat or any other type of attention. Ignoring your dog is discipline enough.

Remember your pet always wants your attention good or bad. Yelling and anger, although negative, is still enough attention for them. They rather have that then nothing at all.

Therefore, if she does not sit, then take your eyes off of her and turn your head. Sooner or later she will sit down anyway and after she does, you can present her with the treat. This will demonstrate to her that the sound "sit” means for her to do as she just did.

Just keep in mind you should reward her immediately after she sits. You should even repeat the word after she does it.

This is why I believe teaching your dog to sit is the easiest of any training method as it is something that they do naturally.

Once you master this the other methods should come easy.

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