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Tuesday, 2018-11-13, 6:40 PM
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Up coming Litter Parents
Deposits are $200 and are good faith promises and nonrefundable.  You are welcome to visit our poodle family.  Puppies will be priced starting at $500.-$1200. Prices will depend apon size, color, and overall quality appearance. We expect teacup poodles to be white, silver, red, apricot, or parti.  Parents are both petite poodles.  Mother is white and father is silver.  We are guessing  their puppies will be 3-4 pounds because they both come from a line of petite generations.
or call 501-215-1365

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Category: My articles | Added by: rosie (2010-05-14) | Author: rosie berry E W
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55 Christine Johnson  
Looking for a White teacup poodle Female. Its a Christmas gift. But will be in Arkansas November 11th-13th and could bring the right one home then?
Please send pictures of what you have available now..
Thank you,

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54 Gina  
Looking for a female toy poodle 5-8lbs preferably not black our Molly was black and we are not looking to replace her. We are retired and looking for a baby to love and spoil. We live in Hot Springs ar. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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53 Kay & Glen Dunn  
Hello, we are wanting a newborn (8ish wks old) small toy poodle. Tea cup is too small but about 8/9 pds full grown perfect for me, Kay. I loved my deep approct toy we had for 12 years. She was so loving, so spoiled-lol, just precious to us. My sweet children and hubby got her for me for Christmas, Mistletoe “Missy”. She certainly helped me with my “empty nest syndrome”. We loved to snuggle and rock. We had to give her up about 5 yr ago. It broke our hearts but it was necessary. But she is here at home in our back yard. She is buried in a sweet box my husband made her. She has her favorite 2 toys, blanket and my favorite sweater buried with her. Enough on the past. I have just recently felt in my heart I am ready for another darling bundle of joy. We are in southern Arkansas. If I read correctly, you are in Arkansas. We love to visit with you, see your loves and discuss pups you may have in near future. Our daughter had a black precious toy for 13 yr. We loved keeping her at times. I would so appreciate your response and hopefully help us find our new baby. If you have reputable breeders to refer us to, that is great. We hope in AR or bordoring States. Thank you. Sincerely, Kay Dunn call or text 870 250 9241, Fordyce, AR 71742

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52 Lisa  
I see that you will be having some silver toy poodles please contact me ! I'm very interested in a male pup looking for one that will be around 4 pounds or under

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51 Lisa  
Looking for a small poodle in need of a lap pup prefer male love the silver gray color ! Please send what's coming soon and price

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50 Shirley  
I am looking for a tiny toy female poodle puppy. I would prefer no more than 5 pounds full grown. Chocolate/brown is my first choice. Please advise me what size, color and price of the puppies you have. Thank you for your time. Can text me at 602-549-4399.

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49 Allyson Saaary  
I am very interested in a MALE silver teacup poodle. I have a black male teacup (3.8 lbs) and he is so adorable, but lonely when we leave, even for 5 minutes. I am looking for a buddy for him. Please consider me when choosing a home for your pup.

Thank you for your consideration,

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48 Marlin Tatom  
Fairfield BAY resident, curious abt a female, up to 5# grown, want a couch potato, if young poodles are energetic, maybe not for me, any suggestions??

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47 Rita Benton  
I'm a widow and looking for a living toy poodle any color

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46 James L Wyatt  
We are looking for a male pup. Only small, we are retired and we lossed our dog to cancer not to long ago.
Color is not a big deal. Just depends on how I think the dog looks!!!
We love dogs, can you text me with pictures or send to my email address?
Do you have pups now or soon?

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