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Thursday, 2018-12-13, 8:26 PM
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Poodles: Easy To Train
are not only beautiful to behold, but they also have a most endearing type of personality, which is what makes them much sought after today. As for its physical characteristics, it is a breed that has two different varieties of coats, which are the corded and curly coats, though the corded coated Poodle is pretty rarely found in the United States. Poodles also have three main sizes that are Standard, Miniature as well as Toy and thus will suit different lifestyles as well. Also, Poodles come in a variety of colors though black and also white are their most common colors.

Another facet to the personality of a Poodle is its ability to pick up things very fast and a Poodle is also famous for being energetic and sometimes will even be termed as a clownish dog because of its natural ability to perform tricks. Poodles are also intelligent to a remarkable extent and there are even some people that opine that Poodles are in fact able to reason for themselves and they can also attune them to whichever environment they encounter. What’s more, a Poodle is also a very versatile creature and though originally bred to retrieve game, it is now famous for being a family pet dog.

Poodles love the company of humans and they are particularly good even in the company of children. And because they also instinctively have both the characteristics of a hunting dog as too very well developed retrieving instincts, they are well suited to acting as watchdogs, particularly in the case of the Standard Poodle. Nevertheless, even the Miniature as well as Toy versions are effective watchdogs and will readily warn you about the presence of strangers.

However, because they are small in size, they do not make good guard dogs, though their personality is one of boldness as well as confidence and they will also not easily back down from other animals or even from strangers. When it concerns letting the Poodle loose in the company of children, it is better to err on the side of safety and thus ensure that he is supervised because often children won’t know how to handle this small bundle of joy and thus may ill-treat him which would make the Poodle lose his trust in children and thus he won’t relish the company of small children and may soon become unpredictable around them.

You can expect to be pleasantly surprised to learn that despite their small size Poodles are really quite strong physically and thus should be kept leashed to prevent any accidents from taking place. However, because of their remarkable intelligence they can read what their owners want from them and thus will act accordingly. Having been originally bred as hunting dogs, Poodles are good swimmers and are also very fond of water and thus love their baths and won’t mind being given a bath regularly.

Another feature about the breed is that a Poodle has hair that grows much like human hair grows and it continues growing, unlike other dogs whose hair stops growing when they have reached a certain length. Also, Poodles love to be taken for rides in a car and will jump at any opportunity to be on the road. He is also very easily trained and is a friendly soul that has a sweet disposition as well.

Lisa Collins has always showered oodles of love for all kinds of small dogs and with years of experience in raising them, has developed strong affinity for many dog breeds. A Poodle loves to hog your attention and can also perform many cute tricks that ensure that they get plenty loads of affection. If you have a desire to know all that there is to know about the personality of Poodles, you need to read this article for it has some relevant Poodle information that will help you understand what makes the Poodle tick.

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