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Monday, 2018-05-21, 12:06 PM
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puppy purchase questionnaire

 Puppy Purchase Questionnaire

We want to be sure that our babies are going to the best possible lifetime homes available. We know that you as a discriminating buyer want to be sure of the same amount of success. The following is a basic set of questions we should both know the answer to before puppy placement. You will have several other questions as will we. But this should help us get off to a good start

1. What initially attracted you to the Poodle breed? (ie: energy level, intelligence, hunting ability etc. )

2. What is your main focus in a bringing a new dog into your home? (pet /companion, show/sport competition, service , breeding).

3. What are your plans for containment of your new dog? ( kennel, crate, fenced yard etc. ) How many hours per day will they contained and this way?

4. Have you owned dogs in the past? If you no longer have them what happened to 

5. Do you own any other pets? If so what kind? 

6. Do you have a regular veterinarian? Can you provide contact information?

7. Do you have a preference as to sex, size , coat color? If so is there a specific reason?

8. Are you aware of the grooming required and overall maintenance cost of caring for a Poodle?
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