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Tiny Toy Poodles Glamour Poodles

Thursday, 2024-06-20, 5:31 AM
please text for pictures & prices.
Mickey 550
Mickey is on sale $550 for a good home, pet only. He is in the white & blue tux being held by me.
no pet papers for sale price.
Honey 850 for pet only, no papers. 950 with pet papers
Honey is shown with a big red bow in her hair. She is 9weeks old. $850

Price range on puppies are normally $800-$2500. Sometimes, we have puppies for less, on sale. 
call us 501-215-1365 
text for pictures 501-215-1365
$200 deposit to reserve puppy of your choice
Past puppy: Fluffy is a toy poodle charting 5-6 pounds full grown.
Yorkies we no longer breed Yorkie’s.
New Litter of Tiny Toy Poodles Babycakes had 2 puppies: both sold
Bailey Cream is a brown tiny toy poodle. Pet Price $1085 with spay contract sold
Pet Price with flight to your airport $1295 Reserved Pending Deposit
Pumpkin is a little apricot toy poodle boy. Pet Price $800 neuter contract
Pet Price with flight $1065 sold
For pictures of available puppies or future litters 
We are excepting nonrefundable $200 deposit on puppy of your choice to reserve till he/she is ready to come home with you. There is a PayPal button on the check out  page or you can go to our (click on where says check out) Checkout  +  page.
To Put deposit on one of our puppies, go to Checkout  + 
page and click buy now button.

Rare Color: Cafe Au Lait (light brown & hazel eyes)
She was adopted by Jackie in las vegas.
 Below is a picture of a silver puppy *rare* She is now in her new home.
Teacup Poodles are estimated to be 3-5lbs as an adult! under 8inches tall
Tiny Toy 5-7lbs under 9inches tall
Toy Poodle under 10inches tall by AKC. CKC under 11inches tall.
 All Puppies are AKC limited unless otherwise discussed. Full AKC extra! Papers will be mailed, once proof of spay/neuter by vet.
Home Raised, Vet Checked, 1st Shots, deworming, tail docked,
and dewclaws removed by our Vet Dr. William.  Each puppy is sold on a spay/neuter contract unless otherwise discussed.
Term Teacup: The smallest toy size dog is referred to as a teacup. Dog registries do not recognize the term teacup.  Teacup is a word used to describe dogs that are smaller than toy size dogs.  Teacups are well within the written standard of the breed. Also being smaller than the standard does not make a dog a "runt" Runt refers to size at birth when compared to the rest of the litter and not all litter have them.
If you're interested in one of our puppies give us a call  501-215-1365 
I can get pretty busy, sending a text will get you the fastest response. Text.
We are taking deposits of $200 to hold your puppy.  Flight shipping is extra. Flight shipping has gone up due to airline prices being raised $500-1000. Super tiny puppies are to small to fly through pet cargo. I will personally fly them out and meet you at airport for teacup puppy. Flight fee  Prices have changed due to the pandemic. We’re also seldom flying puppies out. We will meet you at the airport if you wish to fly into our state. cost about $500-800when booked  one month in advance. You can pay cash or paypal.
A note about color:
NO breeder can absolutely guarantee a pup will not change color as he or she gets older.
We cannot guarantee the final color your dog will be as an adult. We do our best estimation but we simply cannot guarantee it

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