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Wednesday, 2024-05-29, 6:19 AM
Puppy Care
Leave out food & water all the time for puppies to graze.  Small puppies need to be able to eat at all times.  I recommend feeding your puppy a high protein based puppy food.  The first ingredient on the bag of puppy food should be beef, chicken, lamb, or turkey.  We include a sample of puppy food for you with the purchase of your pet.  We feed our dogs & puppies royal canin mini puppy/chiot (green bag).  You can purchase this food at petco, petsmart, petsense, and other pet stores.


Make sure your puppy always has fresh water. Tip* Distilled water helps reduce tear stains.
Puppies can get stressed moving to a new home.  Nutra-Cal is a great product to help with your puppies stress and give your puppy extra calories it needs.  Nutra-Cal helps with puppy's blood sugar levels and keeps them healthy.
All Natural Plain Yogurt is very healthy for your puppy or dog.  It helps fight bacteria in their system.  It helps keep their ears healthy from infections.  Yogurt also helps your puppy's intestinal tract.  Organic plain yogurt is a very healthy treat your pet will love.  Give them one tablespoon each. They will look forward to it.
Apple Cider Vinegar is very helpful when added to your poodle's water.
It might sound strange to add vinegar to you poodles water, but there are many benefits to giving your pet apple cider vinegar these are a few:

Helps eliminate tear stained eyes
Helps develop stronger immune systems
Helps control weight
Helps improve digestion & ph balance
Helps maintain healthy skin
Helps produce shiny coats
Helps eliminate potty odors

*Try Bragg�€�s Apple Cider Vinegar
Brush your poodle's teeth weekly.  You can purchase baby tooth brushes or pet tooth brushes.  I have found that baby tooth brushes are better size for teacup and tiny toy poodle's mouth.  Use dog tooth paste only on your pet's teeth.  If you start brushing your pets teeth while they're young they can learn to brush their own teeth by holding the tooth brush with their paws.  Puppies love the taste of dog tooth paste.  It's a treat for them to taste the flavor of the tooth paste.
Have your poodle's teeth cleaned by the vet once a year.  If your puppy still has its baby teeth by two years old you should have your vet pull them.  Usually a puppy will teeth alot while he is young.  His puppy teeth will fall out from chewing bones.  So, it's important you give your puppy chews and bones to help him loose his puppy teeth for his mouth to have room for his permanent teeth.  Most puppies will automatically loose their puppy teeth, but if you not have your vet solve the problem at two years of age.
Toxic Foods To Keep Away From Your Poodle
*Chocolate *Onions *Grapes and Raisins *Coffee and Tea *Nutmeg *Macadamia Nuts *Avocados *Tomatoes, Potatoes and Rhubarb *Hops *Yeast Dough *Moldy Foods
Poodles need to be groomed every 6-8 weeks.  Poodles need nail trim every 2-3 weeks.  Make your appointment with a groomer in advance, because often groomers get booked up. 
Emersing your puppy's head under water at bath time could be fatal.
Pick out a oatmeal based shampoo and pin brush to blow dry your poodle with.  You will also want to pick up a wire brush for if your poodle gets any tangles.

If you want to dye your poodle's hair you can use a product called Pet Silk it's safe and non-toxic.  Your pet has to be at least 12 weeks of age for a color treatment.  Pet Silk colors come in a wide range of colors from pink, green, purple, blue, red, yellow and many more.  You can also have your groomer color your poodle's hair for you.
Poodle's ears need to be cleaned out by having their hair plucked out.  Your groomer will do this for you.  If you notice a funny odor from your poodles' ear you should call your vet.  If a poodles hair is not removed from his/her ears they can get ear infections or become deaf.
For trimming your poodles nails I recommend purchasing a pedi paw for your pet.  It's super easy to use.  If you want to pant your poodle's nails you can purchase pawlish nail polish.  Many foot disorders in dogs are related to long toenails. Check your dog's nails once a month and trim when necessary, avoiding the vein.
Anal Glands: Make sure you have your vet or groomer clean your poodles anal glands.  Dog's anal glands can become impacted causing infection in your dogs sacs.  I recomment having your vet or groomer emply your dogs sacs.  If they are emptied out wrong your dog anal glands may rupture.
No More Tears on Your Poodles Face
Eye Envy is the must-have product to cleanse and beautify your small dog's unsightly tear stains. It removes the tear stains in a safe and effective way. Applied externally. Perfect for all dog breeds!

Let your puppy get used to being a part of your new family for about a week before giving any shots.  Your first visit to the vet should be a health check up, which should be within 24 hours.  We recommend waiting till your puppy is 6 months of age to receive the rabies vaccination.tiny & teacup puppy shots till their at least 2 pounds.  Our vet has recommended this practice. 
*We do not give 
Vaccination Chart & Other Preventatives
Age Vaccination Vacc Vacc Vacc Preventative Preventative
8 weeks Distemper Parvo Corona Bordetella Fecal Flotation Heartworm preventative
11 weeks Distemper Parvo Corona      
14 weeks Distemper Parvo Corona      
17 weeks Distemper Parvo Corona Lyme Fecal Flotation  
6 months       Rabies    
Annual Vaccinations Distemper Parvo Corona Rabies, Lyme, Bordetella Fecal Flotation Heartworm test & preventative
Discuss your puppy's vaccination schedule with your vet during the first visit.
Potty Training
All of our puppies are potty trained using wee wee wee pads.
*Keep your wee wee pad  in the same area of the house.  If you move it your puppy might become confused and keep going in the same area where the potty park was before.
*Remember toy poodles have small bladders and can't hold their bladder for long periods of times.  A 3 month old puppy can hold its bladder for about 4 hours.
*Do not hit or spank your puppy for making mistakes, this will only confuse them.
*Praise your puppy when he/she goes in the right spot. Say, "good girl" a few times.  Poodles respond best to positive encouragement.

Give your poodle plenty of chew toys because puppies teeth for months.  Poodles also love balls and soft squeaky toys.  Giving your puppy toys will help him/her stay busy and not wonder around the house looking for non-toys to play with.
-NEVER punish a puppy for chewing..... just be sure to provide the appropriate objects. Puppies need to chew to stimulate the loss of their baby teeth and to help place their permanent teeth.
Before Your Puppy Comes Home
*Obtain Supplies
1. A light, flexible leash is sufficient for Teacup, Tiny Toy, and Toy Poodles
2. Identification tags will help your Poodle find his way home should he become lost. (put reward)
3. Your Poodle's crate serves as a safe haven, and it facilitates the house training process.
4. Food and water bowls (stainless steel bowls)
5. Choose a Food with a high protein source. This simply means the first ingredient listed should be
chicken, lamb, beef, or turkey. We include a bag of puppy food for you to get you started.

Pre-Puppy Prep
1. Obtain Supplies
2. Puppy-proof your home
3. Set up sleeping arrangements
4. Establish house rules


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