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Friday, 2019-05-24, 7:11 PM
Toy Poodle Product's selected just for your special pootch
Spend $50.00 on any products posted on this page or our site and save $25.00 on a puppy. If you spend $200 save $100 on a puppy.
You can't beat that deal
Special Edition Pet Stroller - $ 199.00
Brand new pet strollers for this year have cool features making them easier than ever to use with your small dog. The tripod design with dual front wheels and shock absorbers provides easy turning and smooth rides.

6 Step Beige Pet Stairz - $ 159.00
6-Step Pet Stairs are plush but sturdy foam steps that open up a world of shared couches and beds to your small dog. They help prevent injury from high leaps and bounds from furniture.
Li'l Pals Plush Squeak Toy - $ 6.00
Li'l Pals Plush Squeak Toy These adorably sweet little toys are only 3.5? to 4?, perfect for a small dog's mouth. Collect all three! There?s Li?l Bunny, Li?l Doggie and Li?l Ducky.

Dog Bed - Pink Leopard Cuddle Cup - $ 59.00
Our softest dog bed ever, perfect for small dogs! The Pink Leopard Dog Snuggle Bed is so versatile, it can be used 3 ways: as a sleeping bag, cup style for laps or stretched out to a 50" x 20" blanket.
Dog Bed - Pink Cloud Cuddle Cup - $ 56.00
This Small Dog Snuggle Bed will have them floating on a Pink Cloud! Perfect dog burrow bed that can be used as a sleeping bag, cup style for laps, or stretch it out for a 50" x 20" blanket.
Curly Sue Blanket - $ 55.00
Small dogs prefer soft blankets over beds and they love to snuggle. Curly Sue blankets from Susan Lanci Designs are a customer favorite and are recommended when traveling with your dog. Use in your dog's car seat, crate, couch, your bed, or anywhere else you travel.

Ultrasuede Collar with Crystal Paws - $ 35.00
Ultrasuede Collars with Swarovski Crystal Paws for small dog breeds are super soft, ultra perfect collars for the most special one in your life. A classic from Susan Lanci Designs.

Monogrammed Tinki Harness - $ 51.00
Monogrammed Tinki Harness. Have your pet's name beautifully embroidered on the Tinki Harness for an irresistible touch. The wonderfully soft Ultrasuede Harness has velcro attachment at the collar and under the belly.

Scrappy "Choke Free" Step-In Harness - $ 29.99
Scrappy Pet "Choke-Free" Step-In Dog Harness is designed to eliminate pressure on your little dog's neck and airway. Made from premium remnant leather sourced from the finest handbag manufacturers. This harness features a sliding D-ring, simple buckle design and easy button release.
Angels Eyes - $ 29.00
Angels' Eyes for dogs and cats. Simple-to-use ingested solution for unsightly tear stains. Renowned Angels? Eyes is used by groomers, breeders, and show professionals. Watch our video of before and after examples using Angels' Eyes.

Eye Envy Tear Stain Remover Kit for Dogs - $ 24.99
Eye Envy is the must-have product to cleanse and beautify your small dog's unsightly tear stains. It removes the tear stains in a safe and effective way. Applied externally. Perfect for all dog breeds!

COMBO Li'l Pals BIG Grooming Set - $ 22.99
Li'l Pals BIG Grooming Set of 6 Tools is your small dog's day at the Spa. Miniaturized grooming tools are perfect for their special coat and nail care.
Ultrasuede & Crystal Bow - $ 11.99
Hairbows for small dog breeds are Ultra-light, Ultrasuede double bows adorned with three Swarovski crystals. Quick release barrette clips. Match dog fashions or wear them solo.

Pink Leopard Muff Jacket - $ 59.00
Dog coat harness pink leopard faux fur collar and real Ultrasuede. Ultimate in dog fashion.
Pleather Console Lookout - $ 59.99
Pet Car Seat: Console Lookout straps securely to the car console while the safety harness keeps your small dog close, but comfortably contained.
Pleather Lookout Pet Car Seat - $ 99.95
Pet Car Seat. Keep your little dogs safe in this pleather Lookout dog car seat. Elevates small dog breeds so they can see out. Watch our video. Uses your car's seat belt to secure in place and attach a harness.

Mobile Dog Crate (Wood) - $ 159.00
Deluxe Mobile Pet Pen Hardwood dog crate on casters is the finest quality pet pen / dog crate you'll find. The crafstmanship is outstanding and this crate is built to last, and a "piece of cake" to assemble.
Snuggle Sack - $ 99.00
Ruff Ruff Couture Pink Snuggle Sack designed for small dogs. Made of Ultrasuede and lined with soft velour. Reversible with 2 side pockets to store treats and water. Wear over the shoulder or messenger style.

Luxesuede Hipster Sling - $ 65.00
Pet carrier for small dogs. Front and side dog carrier sling-style. Luxesuede by Susan Lanci Designs. Optional monogram available.
Pup-Head Portable Potty Pad 30" x 20" - $ 149.00
Pup-Head Portable Pottty Pad. This low-rise (only 2? off the floor) portable potty is easy to use for small dogs. Made for indoor or outdoor use, the extra soft synthetic grass is nature-like and infused with anti-microbial agents to fight odors.
Paw Trax Training Starter Kit - $ 39.99
Puppy Training Kit with Gel Pads. "Paw Trax" kit includes sturdy frame to hold gel pads in place. Pads locks in moisture and odor and dry in seconds. Each pad holds up to two quarts of liquid. 50-pack refills available.

Urine-Off: Finder and Removal Kit - $ 21.99
Urine-Off works wonders for anyone with a pet. All pets have accidents and this formula for removing pet stains and odors, including dog and cat urine, really works. It actually breaks down the non-soluble urine crystals, new or old, it doesn't matter.

Decorative Wood Steps - $ 89.00
Pet Steps: Beautiful hardwood Pet Stairs are a stylish solution to help your pet, and you, feel at home. Each pet step has dense pile carpeting for improved traction and noise reduction.

Bon Armoire - Pet Furniture - $ 259.00
Looking for a large dog armoire? If your small dog needs more closet space check out this pet armoire with 3-tiers of clothes rods and a large storage drawer for all their pet fashions.

"Everything But the Dog" Carry-All - $ 54.00
EBD: "Everything But the Dog" Carry-All. Engineered just for you to carry every necessity for both you and your little dog. Stylish ballistic brown nylon is lined with pink or turquoise and has eight interior pockets plus two exterior pockets.

I highly recommend the potty patch.  It helps puppies learn that grass= potty.  We have one inside and out on our back portch.


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