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Tuesday, 2023-12-05, 7:48 AM
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Up coming Litter Parents
We have puppies now.
Deposits are $200 and are good faith promises and nonrefundable.  You are welcome to visit our poodle family.  Puppies will be priced starting at $800- 2500 Prices will depend apon size, color, and overall quality appearance. We expect teacup poodles to be white, silver, red, apricot, or parti.  Parents are both petite poodles.  Mother is white and father is silver.  We are guessing  their puppies will be 3-4 pounds because they both come from a line of petite generations.
or call 501-215-1365

Source: http://puppies, teacup poodle, toy poodle, litter
Category: My articles | Added by: rosie (2010-05-14) | Author: rosie berry E W
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74 Linda Weaver  
I have attempted to contact you. I am interested in a female black or red. I live close so coming to get one is no problem. I am looking for a companion. Not for breeding. I have Vet references. Im looking forward to meeting you. I can send a deposit as soon as I hear from you. Thank you Linda Weaver

73 Manessa Tilley  
I am wanting to buy a little poodle for myself. I’m single and need a fur baby! I love poodles. They are so smart. I would like a female and not really concerned about color. I just want a little friend to love.

72 Lillian Russell  
My granddaughter lives with me and I think having a small dog to dress and love would help her emotionally as I have adopted her. I am now retired and would have more time to play with our new puppy. I want a small pad as I want to be able to put her in my arms and take her with me most places I go.

71 Cindy Emmerling  
Looking for a red female toy poodle

70 Cindy Emmerling  
Looking for a red female

Hi Rosie, I love your Name( my granddaughter is Rosalie and we call her Rosie) . I am looking for a poodle .I'm moving to Evening Shade AR at the end of this month . Your puppies sound wonderful. We are moving to 9.5 acres and My daughter has a large standard poodle and a Bison that will also be on the property. Not in the same house though but i like that you socialize your puppies. Are you having puppies soon? I fell in love with a little brown male here in Florida but he sold so quick . I would love to get a deposit to you by the end of the month before we move.. I Look forward to hearing from you ..Lora

68 Amanda Henshaw Hudson  

We presently have a toy poodle (female- brown abstract - she is 7lbs and 101/2-11 inches at the withers) who we would like to purchase a toy poodle friend for, though we are looking for a true small toy poodle. I came across your website and wanted to see about putting a deposit down on a puppy but was unsure if you had a littler available. The previous breeder we purchased Emmy, our toy poodle, from in Texas moved away in Texas elsehwere, and I have had some ethical concerns, because of how frequently (Emmy, our little girl, her mom delivered her in late August last year and she has had another litter since and is now expecting again, as is another dam, and because we are concerned that the breeder seems to want the dogs to go earlier and earlier (the last time I contacted them, they were willing to part with tiny toy poodles at 7 weeks). We are smitten with our toy poodle but know she needs a playmate. We are located in Tulsa, OK so we are not far from you.

Thank you,

Amanda Hudson

67 Vicki Rose Fulbright  
Hello. grand-daughter want a tea cup or toy female poodle. Please let me know when next litter due for deposit.

66 Linda Netemeyer  
I am interested in a teacup all black or silver.

65 Linda Netemeyer  
I am wanting a black or silver teacup.

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