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Tuesday, 2023-12-05, 7:29 AM
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Poodle's Tear Stains Big Tip
By: Rosie Berry
There are many benefits to giving your pet apple cider vineger these are a few:

Helps eliminate tear stained eyes
Helps develope stronger immune systems
Helps control weight
Helps improve digestion & ph balance
Helps maintain healthy skin
Helps produce shiney coats
Helps eliminate potty odors

Try Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar

My Articles by Rosie Berry | Transitions: 574 | Added by: Rosie Berry | Date: 2010-05-02

Dangerous Plants and Toxic foods to keep away from Dogs
These are plants you should keep away from your pets.
Easter lily
lily of the valley
morning glory

These foods might be ok for us to eat, but are toxic for our dogs to eat. Do not give these foods to your dog.
grapes and raisins
coffee and tea
macadamia nuts
tomotoes, potatoes, and rhubarb
yeast dough
moldy foods

If you believe you dog has consumed a dangerous subsatance call you veterinarian or ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center Hotline at 1-800-426-4435 1-800-426-4435 . Signs of poisoning include vomitting, diarrhea, weakness, salvation, and convulsions. If you believe your pet has been poisoned seek veterinary attention right away.
My Articles by Rosie Berry | Transitions: 670 | Added by: Rosie Berry | Date: 2010-05-01

How to dye your Poodles Hair the Safe Way
There are two types of dog dye, one is a hair enhancement and the others are funky hair colors like pink. The hair enhancement is a shampoo to help your poodles coat have the look of one balanced color. Hair enhancement shampoos come in white, black, and gold for poodles to blend their coat for a natural look. Now funky colors such as pink or green are non-toxic dyes made by: Pet Silk. Remember, puppies must be over age of 12 weeks old to dye their hair funky colors. You can also use sidewalk chalk on a dry dog’s coat. If you are unsure about dying your dog’s hair, but still want to have your groomer dye your pet’s hair for you.

Some people may believe dying your pet’s hair is cruel. However, it’s just a grooming style and trend. Dogs are color blind and do not know they have been dyed. Plus, they just think feel like they’re getting bathed. If anything most poodles love how they feel after they leave the groomers, it boosts their self confidence. Poodles enjoy the reaction they receive from people who come to pet them. Poodles love the attention they receive from looking glamorous. People go out of their way to see dyed poodles hair. Thus, the poodle enjoys all the attention he/she receives from admirers.
My Articles by Rosie Berry | Transitions: 546 | Added by: Rosie Berry | Date: 2010-05-01

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